What is the future of online gaming at Live Casinos?

Will a casino on the internet ever replace Las Vegas? We examine what the latest technologies of the Live Dealer in 2021 might mean for the real thing.

From their humble origins in a corner of a Dublin casino, Live Dealer games have come so far that it’s hard to believe they’ve only been around for a decade or so.

Betway has hundreds of live casino games available for real-money players, including baccarat, roulette, and blackjack, as well as over 400 online casino games.

But where is the format going, and in the coming months, what would you hope to find online?

How Live Casino Operates

Live Dealer games basically add a land-based casino experience to your PC. Gamblers will take on human croupiers who are stationed thousands of miles away with a decent internet connection and a fair graphics card.

A human croupier handles the action using specialized cards which are scanned as they are distributed from the shoe.

A true-life roulette wheel, with a real-life stone, is used in Live Roulette. The player, who drags and drops virtual chips on to the appropriate areas of the table, places bets in the normal way. The dealer then follows their monitors with the betting activity and provides prompts through a microphone. The machine is doing the rest.

Live Casino Games Benefits

The beauty of live casino games is that, in an offline casino, you never have to set foot. All you need to get your fill of Vegas-style roulette and blackjack is a graphics card and a live stream.

You can choose from a variety of camera angles, too, in some versions, such as 바카라사이트 own Immersive Roulette. You can also select your own dealer based on the number of tables available, all of whom are qualified to a professional standard.

Since their inception, the core principle of Live Dealer games has remained the same, so what does the future hold?

In order to boost the overall experience, leading developers such as Evolution Gaming are leading the way, so what do we hope to see in 2021?

Top 5 innovations for the future

1. Live custom dealer

For operators, a more personalized gambling experience is critical. For example, 바카라사이트 lobbies can already be filtered to only display favorites on-screen, but developers are starting to look at ways that slots can be personalized, too.

It is possible to customize Live Dealer games to include a choice of decks or a more personal gambling experience for one particular player.

2. Gaming First Hand

First Person Gaming (FPG) was introduced at ICE, the industry expo, in 2021, by Evolution Gaming.

The player can choose to turn to ‘Go LIVE’ and continue their games on a Live Dealer table, starting with an immersive 3D roulette game. For the leading Live Casino maker, it’s the first step into conventional RNG (random number generator) 바카라사이트 play.

3. Fortunate Numbers

The Lightning Roulette game by Evolution Gaming, also unveiled at ICE 2021, is a natural extension of conventional Live Roulette. In addition to the usual inside and outside bets, for each game round, numbers from one to five are drawn at random. These add to the player’s pot potential extra wins.

On Straight Up bets made on the lucky numbers, the Lightning Roulette RNG comes up with ‘fortunate payouts’ worth 50-1 to 500-1.

4. Virtual Reality Reality

For a few years now, VR casinos have been a reality, but a fully stocked, fully immersive online VR casino is still some way away.

Several of their major slots have been modified for VR headsets by NetEnt, but they are very much in the trial stage. Similarly, to keep players entertained, Microgaming has experimented with VR roulette, complete with flying asteroids and all kinds of background additions.

However, VR and Live Casino are a fine union. The concept of Live Dealer is to immerse yourself in the casino world offline. So why not put on a headset and put yourself in the heart of a casino, as the cards are dealt with, close to the dealer?

Headsets such as Samsung Gear and Google Daydream are now cheap enough to establish a real prospect for a VR Live Casino. All it takes is a developer of casino apps(or online holdem – 홀덤사이트) to get aboard.

5. The Dual Play (Vic)

The appeal of Live Casino is that without having to move away from their laptop, it places the player in the middle of a real-life casino, while you never see any other players at the table or join in with their momentous wins. That’s a thing of the past, though.

Trialled at the iconic Grosvenor Victoria casino in London, ‘Dual Play Roulette’ will allow players to play alongside online players sitting at home on the casino premises. With several cameras, these special Vic tables will be set up to offer online users various choices for viewing the action.

Goodbye to the Online Casino?

Live Casino is still pretty much in its infancy. On the part of the player, it needs semi-decent equipment, restricted languages are available, and free play isn’t always an option.

Yet there have been plenty of strides forward in terms of game usability. VR, Dual Play and better HD streams can all further boost the overall experience of the players. And if the stakes and prizes become more inclusive, then the Live Casino games will be enjoyed by more people.

Evolution Gaming announced in January the world’s first Live Texas Hold’em progressive jackpot (worth €50,000). For players gambling on their computers and phones, it’s the first step towards side bets and bonus bets.

Progressives have been around in online slots and table games for years, so joining in the fun is a logical move for Live Casino.

And, best of all, you don’t even have to fight at the table for a seat.